Monday, March 14, 2011

mini projects

Lately, I've been less than inspired to even clean the common spaces in our apartment, let alone attempt to enhance them in any way. However, Sunday morning I woke up on a mission. I thoroughly leaned the bathroom and kitchen (which were in desperate need) and got busy on some little projects.

Old roommate took our mail holder with her to Queens, so I've just been tossing letter and catalogs on the kitchen table. This is completely unacceptable. Also, the area near the front door was a little bare and begging for some action. I found these pails in the dollar bin at Target. Mail pails! How perfect is that?! I already had the stencils in my craft stash, but after a spray painting mishap with "M" I decided to just hot glue them onto the pails. They might not even fit a proper letter inside, but I still think they are pretty cute!

I've had this magnetic knife holder (Ikea Kroken) for a while and finally installed it in the kitchen. I was amazed at how pulled together everything looked once I hung it. 2 second project. Ta-da! Maybe I should get back in the cooking saddle one of these days.....

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