Sunday, March 13, 2011

new/old chair!!

The Martigs were in town this weekend and graciously brought me a chair from Ohio. I've loved it (and its couch counterpart) ever since I saw it in their house last year. Lucky for me, Kurt's parents upgraded to a new sofa, so I begged for the pieces they were getting rid of (aren't I such a brat?!). Sadly, I don't have enough space for the couch (yet) but I've been reserving that sunny little corner for the chair ever since I moved into my big room.

After a near death experience with the Martigs' chocolate Lab, Oxford, Aubie felt confident enough to give the chair a thorough examination.

I don't claim to know anything about furniture, but doesn't this chair have great lines?! Even though they are comfy, I've always hated the look of overstuffed furniture. This is just simple and clean enough. I've got big plans for book reading in that corner. Maybe I won't fall asleep like I do when I read on my bed :)

Now, while I love the "bones" of the chair, the rest of it may need a few tweaks. Somehow I remember the chair having plaid cushions, but lucky for me, it arrived with this gorgeous golf motif. Needless to say, I'm hoping to change it soon. My upholstering friend Erin suggested just making new cushions too since the existing ones are a little lumpy. I can't wait for a fabric shopping trip to Mood! (I will feel like I am on Project Runway!) However, I have no earthly idea what I am looking for yet. Solids? Patterns? Colors?! If money were no object, I would love some hand-printed fabrics from Galbraith & Paul (found via) but since $200/yard isn't exactly in my budget, I'll just have to wipe the drool from my mouth and look elsewhere. 

It will be so exciting to see my first, real, non-Ikea piece of furniture evolve! It should be quite an adventure. If you have any suggestions, please share. I am all ears!


  1. It is a beautiful chair. Oak. Paul said he'd refinish it as well.
    I was hoping to strike a little more fear into Thumbs, but oh well, was good to see him on his toes for once!

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