Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Man Crush

Monday evening, Kurt and I had the pleasure of seeing Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers perform bluegrass at the Highline Ballroom. I've always liked Steve Martin and this show only proved to solidify my respect for him. The music was excellent. The band was amazing. And Steve (as we are on a first name basis now) is very talented on the banjo. 

Of course, Steve was funny too. He would talk in between each song, explaining why he wrote it or just making jokes about random things. His rapport with the rest of the band was pretty entertaining.

I'm trying to convince Kurt to pick up the violin again. Then he can play the fiddle in the new bluegrass band he will be starting :)

One of the funniest performances of the night was "Atheists Ain't Got No Songs". While Steve is incredible on the banjo, he is an awful singer.

Kurt and I had such a good time. My only critique of the night was the choice of venue. There is nothing wrong with the Highline Ballroom per se, but I feel bluegrass needs to be enjoyed with some space to move around. I'm not suggesting all out square dancing, but the songs are so upbeat and rhythmic, it seems a shame to be stuck sitting at a table. Otherwise it was a fabulous night!

If seeing Steve Martin wasn't enough, I got to add another celebrity sighting to my list! Kurt and I grabbed a bite to eat at Chelsea Market before the show. As we were walking to the Highline Ballroom, we passed right by Tyra Banks (although I hear she is going by just "Tyra" these days) as she was whisked from her black SUV into a fancy restaurant! It's nonstop excitement here in the big city :)


  1. Steve Martin totally rips the banjo!
    You didnt mention that I slapped Tyra on the ass!

  2. That's so awesome! Sounds like a great time. Did you know Tyra is going to Harvard Business School right now? She even lives in the dorms, as required. I guess you need to feel like a celebrity every now and then!


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