Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday run

NYC is finally warming up a little. It's not quite sandal weather yet, but outdoor activities are expanding beyond dashing from my apartment door to the subway. I told myself I should be able to run whenever it is above forty degrees and Saturday delivered a beautiful, sunny day in that range. It was a little crisp but once I got going, I was thankful it wasn't too hot.

I've been toting my iPhone with me on my runs (in my nifty little belt) and snapping pictures when I get the urge and need to catch my breath. Lately, its been a lot of Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO.

When my run takes me past Vinegar Hill and the Navy Yards (map), I like to peek at these houses. Apparently they are called Admiral's Row but I don't know very much about them. They are abandoned and in complete disrepair. In a city so obsessed with real estate values and optimizing every square inch of space, its bizarre to come across a little forgotten corner of Brooklyn. Reminds me a bit of Alabama.

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