Monday, March 28, 2011


Before I met Kurt, this little thing called March Madness would have been a non-event. However, these days college basketball is the obsession du jour (even though he adamantly claims it is just filling time until football season). Kurt has been so excited about Ohio State being in the tournament and was ecstatic to find out they would be playing this weekend in a Sweet Sixteen game in Newark, NJ. Just imagine his euphoria when he was able to score tickets to see OSU play Kentucky on Friday night. His dad even took the train in from Ohio to go with him! (These Buckeyes are insane!) The score was so close the entire game but unfortunately Ohio State missed a crucial shot at the end and lost by only a few points :( Kurt was/is crushed but feels lucky to be have attended a (probably) once in a lifetime game.

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In Kurt's absence, I spent Friday night on Smith Street with Jenn and Kristin. We had a beer at 61 Local--cool space and free sorbet samples but awful acoustics. Next we ate at JB's--yummy veggie burger and French beer I had never heard of. Finally, we watched the majority of the aforementioned game at Angry Wade's.

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Since Kurt's dad was still in town on Saturday, we decided to take advantage of Dine in Brooklyn where tons of restaurants throughout the borough have prix fix menus for lunch and dinner. We tried Maria's Bistro Mexicano in Sunset Park. I had empanadas, a stuffed pepper (I want to recreate this!), and some yummy ice cream. Post meal, the goal was to show Mr. Martig the view from the park but it was sooooo cold outside we just caught a bus home after dinner.

Seems like everyone is in the spring cleaning mood these days. I did some much needed closet purging recently and decided to host a clothing swap at my apartment on Sunday. What's a party without food and drinks?! I rarely play hostess, so I was excited to bake up some chocolate x2 cookies, cranberry orange bread, deviled eggs, and mimosas. Yum! Unfortunately, only Silvia and Christine could make it, but I think we still got a few things. I snagged a new/old clutch, scarf, and cardigan/wrap thing (I'm perpetually cold, so I'm always on the lookout for good coverups!). Luckily, I also got a dress from each of my much taller fellow swappers that they had deemed "too short". Most importantly, everything that was unclaimed got toted off to Goodwill in Downtown Brooklyn. 

On Sunday, I also made a point to briefly stop by the Brooklyn Mutt Show. The majority of it was chaos of kids and dogs but I caught a bit of the costume contest (reminded me of an amateur version of this one last fall). Please excuse me while I slip into crazy cat dog lady mode :)

When asked why she dressed her dog Peaches up like Santa Claus, the little girl got nervous and said, " was what we had."

This was last year's winner for "Most Brown Dog".

I wish this was a clearer picture but the tiny dog has a handle and was a scuba diver. His "goggles" were those little eye protectors you wear in a tanning bed. Hilarious.

Showgirl complete with feather boa and thong. Poor pup.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf dressed as Grandma. Too cute.

Sadly, Kurt has been sick all weekend and has been pretty miserable (in addition to his basketball woes). I've been such a poor caretaker because I don't want to get sick myself! What an awful girlfriend, I know. I brought him leftover OJ from our mimosas....that counts, doesn't it?! GET WELL SOON! I have a feeling next weekend is finally going to be nice here. But that could just be wishful thinking....


  1. i love the idea of a clothing swap. i am stealing this.
    hope to see you in a few weekends?

  2. Yea, poor Buckeyes. For those who also (gasp) don't get into March Madness, we lost to that state down south, Kentucky. Fortunately within 30 minutes of the defeat I had my tickets for Sunday's Elite Eight game sold to Paul and Erin. I already miss Deebo, Dlighty and Gus....
    So that's where the OJ came from... hmmm, so thoughtful!


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