Sunday, April 17, 2011


Months ago, I got a text from my friend Jessica saying that she had seen Bark on the Food Network and I needed to go have a hot dog in her honor. I pass by it occasionally but had never gone until this past week. Kurt had some friends in town from Ohio and we decided it would be a fun, quirky Brooklyn place to take them.

All their ingredients are organic and local. They even have a long write-up of the farms where they get the food. They even give sources for the wood that goes into the tables and the clean energy they get from the power company!

I thought hot dogs were going to be the only thing on the menu but I was mistaken. They have burgers and sandwiches and even do brunch on the weekends. I decided I needed to stick to the hot dog plan and ordered the Beans and Frank paired with a Sixpoint Bark Red Ale.

Kurt and I also split some cheddar fries. The guy at the register tried to talk me into Disco Fries which are cheddar fries topped with gravy! I was tempted but stuck with the classic for our first Bark experience. There is always next time to go crazy.

I really liked the interior. It was clean and simple but also rustic. This would be great vibe for my next apartment! Now I just need to be on the lookout for an exposed brick wall :)

You can't really make it out but they have several places for your garbage, including a compost bin.

Now, I very much enjoyed our Bark visit but in the end we really just had hot dogs. Yes, the pigs probably came from an organic farm upstate were they had acres and acres of mud to roll around in with all their pig buddies (reminds me of this). I appreciate that. I really do. I just don't think it tasted much different from the hot dog you get at a baseball game which costs five times less. It was good. I just wonder if it is worth the upcharge. Next time I plan on trying out those disco fries and maybe the veggie dog. Maybe I am missing out on the milkshakes too! 

Keep me posted on future restaurant requests!

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  1. Portlandia reference!!!

    Which baseball game are you referring to?! These probably cost about the same!


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