Saturday, April 16, 2011

rural studio wedding: sunday

Sunday was sadly our last day in West Alabama. We still had many things to see though! After loading up all our bags into the rental car, we drove to Greensboro for a farewell brunch at the Pie Lab.

We had some yummy quiche and salad before a quick goodbye to Charles and Betsy and the rest of my sweet Auburn friends. It was great to see everyone! Kurt and I also got matching t-shirts (not to be worn at the same time) of the state of Alabama screen printed with a catfish print. Then we set out on a very speedy driving tour of some more projects.

Road leading to Mason's Bend

Willie Bell's House (my second year project) and the Papercrete House behind it

Butterfly House

Glass Chapel (didn't Kurt do an awesome job taking these pictures in a moving car while driving?!)

Hay Bale House

On our way out of town we came back through Greensboro and caught a glimpse of one of the town's water towers proudly displaying "Greensboro: Catfish Capital of Alabama". Kurt decided this probably makes them the catfish capital of the world. Something to look into :)

The Pig

We took a brief stop in Newbern to check out "the campus".

Red Barn

Studio inside Red Barn

Wood shop

Fire Station and Town Hall

GB's Store

Kurt settling into the Southern way of life.

Sub Rosa

Chantilly and the amphitheater. Kurt was quite distraught that the Rural Studio doesn't involve landscape architects on projects like these. Whoops....

Spencer House. Thanks for being such a good host, Mackenzie! 

Morisette House. Apparently, the Rural Studio is making a big push to grow a lot of the food they consume, so they are working on a big garden in the front yard.

Great Hall

Super Shed and Pods

Eventually, we had to start our journey back to Mobile for our evening departure. Here we are crossing the Alabama River.

I kept telling Kurt about kudzu and we saw a lot on our drive.

Red clay too :)

Another Piggly Wiggly, this time in Monroeville.

I had this grand plan to take Kurt across Mobile Bay. We purposefully took a detour to the east, so we could take the huge bridge across. Unfortunately, I didn't know which road to take and we ended up on the one beside the bridge. It was still pretty crazy to drive practically at the level of the water.

We were running short on time before our flight but decided to stop near downtown Mobile for lunch/dinner anyway. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (aren't they all?!) so we found a restaurant with outdoor seating across the street from a park where there was a festival going on. I wish we had more leisure time to sit back and enjoy it! Through a random turn of events, we even saw someone we knew!

Eventually we made it back to the airport, dropped off the rental car, and made it to our gate. Unfortunately, our flight from Mobile to Atlanta was delayed. In order to prolong our time in Alabama, we had scheduled some of the last flights of the day. We were afraid we weren't going to make our connection and have to spend the night in Atlanta! It took some running through the airport and begging with the Delta woman at the gate but we just barely made the flight. Phew! That was a close one.

Fabulous weekend! If only I could have brought the beautiful weather back North with us :(


  1. Going to Mason's Bend is like entering a 3rd world nation. Crazy!
    Yes, I'm pretty amazed that Rural Studio has been kicking out there for so long and has never invited or collaborated with the landscape architecture department! Some of those projects would really benefit from our input! No respect...I need to have a word with this Andrew!
    I already wore my Alabama tee!

  2. Well, I have been on both ends of this situation. When I was underage, I looked old enough and was able to get drinks at some places.


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