Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hallelujah. After a chilly Friday date night, the weather has started improving this weekend. April. It's about time. I'm beginning to incorporate ice coffees back into my routine, getting more use out of my bike, and taking more runs through the park.

Saturday afternoon, Kurt and I rode our bikes down to Stephen's apartment in Sunset Park to watch one of the Final Four basketball games. Then we took our two wheeled selves over to one of our favorite places in Red Hook, Rocky Sullivan's (remember this outing?), for Silvia's going away celebration. She's leaving us tomorrow for six months in Santa Cruz, California. Jealous.

We shared some amazing pizza and Six Point pitchers at Rocky's. Kurt and I challenged Jenn and Kristin to a game of pool. And we won! I don't mean to brag, but I may have hit a ball or two in :) This is rare so I feel justified reveling in our victory a bit. We also watched the Kentucky vs. UConn basketball game before taking our bike gang over to Jalopy.

We saw this bluegrass band perform at Jalopy. They are called the Dust Busters :) I really like this venue, but they would benefit from a dance floor. Bluegrass can't be fully appreciated while sitting in church pews!

So today while I am catching up on life, Kurt is squeezing in one final ski trip of the season. He was thrilled when an architect in his building asked if he wanted to join him for a last minute trip to Windham Mountain in the Catskills. I think Kurt was excited to get one more day in and find someone as equally ski crazy as he is. He sent this picture from the slopes this morning.


  1. Was good to do some biking, no doubt.
    So Kentucky lost, and while I was cheering for them, it was also fun to see them go down in flames. Who's bitter?
    It was a great ski weekend! I imagine everyone in Brooklyn was outside going for walks, bike rides and going to the park...but the slopes were in great (springtime) condition.


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