Monday, April 25, 2011


It was a weekend of sporadic photo taking, so I will try to piece it together. After work on Friday, we began the weekend celebrating Erik's last day at TBA (a office which caused him many headaches over the two years he worked there) and wishing him luck at Supermass Studio (a new landscape architectural endeavor). We met at Dorian Gray for a drink or two then headed to the Back Room, a semi-concealed speakeasy in the Lower East Side. 

Unfortunately, Kurt and I were double booked for the evening and had to leave the celebration drinks early. One of the designers Kurt works with, Danny Forster of Danny Forster Design Studio, is also the host of a show on the Science Channel called Build it Bigger. The new season just began and we were invited to the premiere party. I got to meet some of the architects and engineers Kurt is working with on a current project and hang out on a cool penthouse near the Highline. We had some good drinks and food and unsuccessfully tried to watch the premiere episode, but the absolute highlight of my evening was...

...seeing Stacy London!! (I swear I'm on the What Not to Wear tour of NYC!) I apologize for the creepy iPhone photo. I was trying to be sly. No one else seemed to phased by the monumentality of this occurrence, so I didn't want to be a crazy fan and try to talk to her. She looks much younger in person and was dressed very hip. I think her on tv persona is much more polished but she looked great in person too. Now the only What Not to Wear team member I have yet to see is Carmindy, the makeup expert. My mom suggested I start hanging out at beauty stores and I am bound to run into her. If you need me, I'll be as Sephora :)

Saturday was pretty dreary. I've been casually looking for a new apartment and met with a broker to see a studio in a neighborhood I like that is a little off the beaten path. It was laughably disgusting and expensive. It doesn't make me feel too confident about striking out on my own. I'm okay with a small space but I can't fathom putting half my paycheck towards a decrepit hole which is most likely in a shady neighborhood. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find something eventually!

After the unsuccessful apartment viewing, Jenn and I took a trip to Mood Fabrics (from Project Runway fame). I had a coupon and wanted to get some fabric to get moving on my chair.

I don't even sew and this place was amazing. There were three levels and what seemed like miles and miles of fabric. There were some gorgeous prints in the home decor section which made me yearn for my own apartment even more. Too bad they were all pretty pricey. I'm noticing a theme here...

I ended up with some textured grey fabric for the chair. It is kind of bland but I have some major plans for a patterned DIY pillow to go with it. If I ever make any progress on these items I promise to share!

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful and HOT. I went for a lovely run in the morning and Jenn organized an Easter feast in the afternoon. She baked a ham and several treats. There were other contributions like an Indiana/Amish specialty of mashed potatoes topped with noodles (not to be confused with pasta). We stuffed ourselves with food and had some good wine and eventually ended up playing several rounds of Catchphrase. It was a great way to kick back with friends and finally celebrate the arrival of Spring!

I wanted to go with an "Easter egg" theme and brought a quiche to the feast. After reading this post, I decided I would try to make it a little healthier and go with the crust-less variety. I'm usually a slave to recipes but took a chance and just mixed some things I thought sounded yummy. In a pan, I cooked half an onion, some garlic, and a green and red pepper. Once they got soft, I added a bit of spinach and cooked until it wilted. I mixed it all in with the eggs, some half and half (maybe not so healthy anymore), and some grated Parmesan cheese. This all went into a casserole dish and I topped with with discs of goat cheese which I had chilled in the freezer and baked it all for a while. It was pretty good but I wasn't blown away. I think my hopes were too high. And I hate to say it, but I think I love quiche for the crust. Butter makes everything better, right?


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