Sunday, May 22, 2011

beer book tour

I've gone coupon crazy lately. I often find great deals on Groupon and Scoutmob for things around the city. For the past couple years, the blog Brokelyn has put out a "beer book" which contains coupons for free beers at several bars around Brooklyn. Kurt got me one for Christmas and several of our friends bought in too. We've slowly been pecking away at our coupons, but mostly staying close to home. This Friday, Kurt, Erik, Jenn, and I decided to have a very cheap night out. We would visit three or four beer book bars that were close to each other, having one beer at each. Effectively, this would only cost us $1 tip at each place. Brilliant!

I love getting off work in the summer because it is still light outside for so long. I had such a pretty walk through Brooklyn Heights to meet up with the group at our first bar, The Roebling Inn. After we all convened there and had our one beer, we headed down to B61, one of Kurt's favorites. After B61, we stopped and got burritos at Calexico as we walked to Red Hook to visit the Brooklyn Ice House. They had a pretty extensive beer list and a huge backyard space. However, we spent most of our time inside playing Jenga!

I won't say who lost, but it wasn't one of the architects :)

{last three images courtesy of Kurt}

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