Tuesday, May 17, 2011

moving announcements

Since writing a post about the actual move seems too daunting right now, I will tell you about all the periphery items. This will be my fourth apartment in NYC after only being here a little over two and a half years. I realize I have serial moving issues and am hoping to stay put for a little longer this time. I kind of stumbled upon this apartment and didn't want to spread the word until everything was final, so I didn't share the news with many people. Now I want to make sure everyone can find me (hello! send me Christmas cards!) so I decided to make some moving announcements. I'm almost ashamed to tell you where I got the inspiration because I blatantly stole the design from minted.com. Give credit where credit is due though, right? My one excuse for borrowing the design is that every single card on the market says "WE MOVED". While I love Aubie (most days), I haven't reached the crazy cat lady level where he gets equal billing (speaking of Christmas cards...). Therefore, I needed to personalize them for just me. Plus, I saved a boatload of money making them myself. I hit a few snags in the printing process, but it wasn't anything a bit of packing tape and chipboard couldn't fix. I think it gave it the feeling of the haphazard moving process. Let's say it was my concept from the beginning!

Imitation is the fondest form of flattery, so I hear. You really should check out minted.com. They have some really awesome options by independent artists and graphic designers if you are ever in the market for greeting cards...or...umm...inspiration!

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