Monday, May 30, 2011


After work on Thursday, I met up with Kurt and Jenn at the Highline. A landscape architect friend was having a gathering at the 10th Avenue Square to celebrate the last day at her current job in NYC and her new job starting soon in San Fransisco. Congratulations, Jennifer!

After the Highline, Jenn and I went to a launch party for a new cookbook from Big Girls, Small Kitchen called In the Small Kitchen. It was held in a bar called The Wooly in the ground floor of the Woolworth Building. The event was free but I was somehow hoping for an open bar. Alas, we had to pay for our own drinks but they did offer some yummy cookies and rice krispy treats made by the authors. I casually follow the BGSK ladies on their blog and they have a great motto: you don't have to have a ton of space and state of the art kitchen to create some delicious meals and throw fun parties for your friends. I've sampled a few of their recipes (they have a great archive on their site) and hope to try out some more once I get my kitchen stocked and up and running. I mean, kitchens don't get much smaller than mine :)

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