Thursday, June 16, 2011

apartment therapy event

{I don't know why I even bother to take pictures sometimes...}

Last week, I went to a presentation by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy, at the ABC Home Store. While I jump at any chance for free wine and adore browsing the lovely, overpriced items at ABC, the talk was actually really great and inspiring. Maxwell seemed really down to earth and spoke about the winding path which brought him to his blog. His approach to design isn't about trends or styles but creating a home. It's refreshing to hear someone talk about how people really live. I put my business card in a raffle but sadly did not win his book, Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces. It's ok. I'm used to it. Overall, it was a lovely evening. 

If you don't follow Apartment Therapy, you should. They have some really great posts. And if you have never been to ABC Home, check it out next time you are in NYC. I promise, you will want everything in the store.

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