Friday, June 24, 2011

cheap art

1. Nice art and frames are expensive.
2. I am too poor for such things.

A little secret I have for filling lots of wall space for not a lot of money is wrapping paper. Specialty stationery stores (Kate's Paperie, Paper Source, and Paper Presentation here in the city) carry large sheets sold individually for about five bucks. I've gotten several maps (as long as you don't mind Russia still being called he USSR) and vintage posters like my newest addition seen here in the bathroom. The paper is 20 x 28 which is actually an odd size frame and difficult to find in typical American stores. However, the brilliant Swedes at Ikea have several different models that fit the sheets perfectly. A couple years ago, I bought a couple simple wood ones for about five dollars each. Unfortunately, they don't carry that one anymore but have a plastic version for the same price. I splurged in the bathroom and got the $20 Ribba frame for my skeleton friends.

I also bought a map of Italy that I want to hang in my kitchen "area". I got the cheap black plastic frame and want to refinish it to look less chintzy (and not black). Decoupage or gold/silver leaf came to mind. Jeez...i grew up watching too much HGTV. Any ideas?


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