Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I often consider myself a blue/green person. Don't ask me why. Other than an adolescent pink phase, I generally steer clear of reds and oranges. Lately, however, I have been obsessed with coral. First it was nail polish and lipstick, but now I am getting into it for my home.


I found this apartment of a Design Sponge home tour. It's not often I think yes! that's perfect! but this house really struck a chord with me. I love how the rooms are deeply rooted in white with lots of bright colors mixed in. I just couldn't get that accent wall out of my head. My plain white walls seemed a little too boring, so I thought I need a wall like that! 

So I painted one! In conjunction with my bathroom makeover, I had a crazy paint weekend. (Contrary to my misleading post, this is not Auburn orange and actually Wet Coral from Olympic Paint.) At first I was seriously overwhelmed by the color but am really warming up to it now. I am eager to hang some things on it to make it less in your face.

See that I've also hung my old headboard? Things are slowly but surely coming together :)

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