Thursday, June 30, 2011

extra seating

My apartment is still lacking in the furniture department. When Kurt comes over for a meal, one of us has to sit on a nightstand because I only have one chair. Not that I entertain (yet), but I wanted something flexible that won't take up a ton of space all the time but will provide people a place to perch other than the floor.

I found these little camp stools at the Pearl River Market (an awesome store to check out if you are in the city). I love the idea that they fold up when not in use. However, I did not love the fabric. Not exactly the style I was going for.

I decided to rip the existing fabric off and use it as a template. I've had these really cute placemats from World Market awaiting projects for months. Since I don't really sew, I used hem tape and an iron to wrap the old seat with my new fabric.

Then I went to town with my staple gun and reattached the fabric to he wood frame. Not a monumental change but I think it is quite an improvement.

I still feel the need to attach the fabric more firmly to the frame and disguise the staples. I was thinking nail head trim...maybe brass thumb tacks will work just as well :)

The seat is on the small side and the frame isn't the strongest thing ever, but I think it will come in handy. I might even get a few more in the future.

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