Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i should be a travel agent

So recently, a little bird told me that southwest airlines was having a major sale to celebrate their 40th anniversary, offering flights as low as $40 one way. Kurt and I batted around a few ideas about going out west, and I considered booking a long overdue flight back to Alabama. The catch was that the sale was only for a short term and we would have to buy them that day! Talk about rash decisions!

I talked it over with my parents and snatched up a flight in October to Nashville for a 5 day visit. (Seems so far away, doesn't it?!) Get ready for me, Alabama, October 20th through the 24th! I'm hoping to capitalize on the South's long summer warmth when NYC will probably be cold already.

As for our "western wanderings", Kurt and I worked out a grand plan which included spending time in Green River, Utah, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, all in about a week's time. Once we really thought it out, that was a little bit too intense. We got reasonable and decided to focus on Utah for a long weekend in mid September. The little town of Green River will be celebrating Melon Days and the opening of their first Habitat for Humanity house. Not to be missed. 

Logically, we would fly in and out of Salt Lake City, the closest major airport. Kurt had the great idea to make it more of a road trip though. We are flying into Denver, renting a car and driving the 6 hours to Green River (as an alterior motive, Kurt wants to scope out the mountains for a future ski trip). After a weekend of revelry and exploring in Green River, we will drive to Salt Lake City and fly back to NYC.

Incredibly, Kurt was able to convince his brother Erik to join us! As we were finalizing the plans on speaker phone, the boys' internet decided to die. I ended up ordering all our flights by taking their credit card numbers over the phone. I ordered over $900 in flights in one night! I should start charging commission! 

Even though its a long way off, we are super excited about the trip! I can't wait to see old friends in Utah and all the exciting things they have been doing in Green River! See you September 15th!!

(The phrase Western Wanderings is the sole intellectual property of Kurt L. Martig.)
{Above image from my May 2009 trip to Green River for my 1 year architecture school reunion.}


  1. yay!! glad you are going back to GR!!!

  2. Uh yea I convinced Erik because we've been thinking about how we want to go back to Wyoming and drive across the state listening to Explosions in the Sky in a car with the windows down and no AC. Colorado and especially Utah will serve as Wyoming's bastard replacement.

    And yes, I want to scope ski mountains, and if we get stranded I just hope it lasts until at last January.


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