Wednesday, June 29, 2011

makeshift backsplash

The wall behind my sink and stove has always just been plain, painted drywall. It seems like a place that could take a lot of wear and tear and I wanted something a little more durable and easy to clean. It is also a spot sorely missing some color and interest.

At work, we are always installing beautiful tile and stone backsplashes. Since that is completely unrealistic for a renter like me, I needed another idea. I came across this blog post and it seemed like the perfect solution. All I needed was pretty paper and a sheet of plexiglass. 

I found some decorative scrapbook paper at Paper Presentation (also where I get my wrapping paper art). I thought this style seemed modern, geometric and vaguely Moroccan. The sheets are actually 12x12 chipboard squares, so it feels like tile too.

It's an improvement, but I'm not completely happy with the project yet. After some issues getting the acrylic sheet cut to the correct size, I broke a couple corners during installation when I didn't predrill the screw holes large enough. I'm not sold on the paper either. Up close it looks nice but from a distance, the whole thing takes on this icky 70s vibe. Luckily, I can just change out the paper without too much cost or headache. Next time I'm planning on going for something more colorful.

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