Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(memorial day) weekend.

Who cares that June 21st is the actual day? I am happy to announce that summer is finally here. The days are long and sunny. I no longer have to wear a jacket or carry a sweater with me everywhere. Tights and socks have officially been retired for many months. All is right in the world again.

We've started observing summer hours at work, so I got out early Friday afternoon which made an excellent start to a long weekend. (Memorial Day is the first holiday I've had since New Years Day! Needless to say, it was a long spring.) I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and took a ride up to Prospect Park. I got in some reading, lounging, and general people watching. Interesting kids names overheard in the park: Gidian, Quincy, and Sebastian.

After the park, I met up with Kurt and we decided to have dinner at the 12th Street Bar and Grill (we had a coupon, of course). We shared a salad and crab cake, which was delicious albeit small, and had a couple beers. (pardon my unintelligibly dark photo...still waiting for that fancy camera donation)

Kurt's friend Thomas decided to come down from Boston for the weekend, so we did a lot of hanging out in the backyard. Kurt was overjoyed to fire up the grill, so we had a barbecue Saturday and Sunday night.

I organized a beach trip out to Rockaway Beach on Sunday. Jenn, Christine, and I took the train out while Kurt, Christian, Thomas, and Kristin rode their bikes. The beach was pretty busy with other people celebrating the beginning of summer, but we still found a pretty nice spot on the sand.

One of the deciding factors in making Rockaway Beach our destination was Rockaway Taco. They serve delicious tacos and quesadillas alongside Italian ices a block or two from the boardwalk. Apparently, they are expanding this year and other popular restaurants from the city are setting up beach vendors. Great. Tons of delicious food is exactly what I don't need when I am at the beach.

Kurt and I both got fish tacos and split some plantain chips with salsa and a cucumber salad.


I admit it. I am a big chicken. I stuck my toes in the water and decided it was too cold for me to get in. A few others were brave enough to dive in while I stood on the sidelines documenting. From left to right: Jenn, Christian, Thomas, and Kurt.

Looks like fun. Give me a call when the water is 15 degrees warmer. How I miss the Gulf of Mexico...

Train ride back over the bay as we took our sunburned selves home to prep for the second cookout of the weekend. I will take a little red skin over my typical ghostly paleness any day.

Monday evening we took in a Mets game at the new Citi Field. I found a coupon (I told you I have issues) for cheap tickets to watch the Mets take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Kurt and I saw the Yankees play last year, but had yet to support our other NYC team (although Kurt was definitely cheering for the Pirates).

Kurt and Christian on my left.

Christine and Jenn on my right. A good group.

Since it was Memorial Day, the game was heavily centered around the armed forces and there were tons of uniformed fans at the stadium. They even did a flyover at the end of the National Anthem (a la Auburn).

One thing that makes baseball more exciting: food. We stood in line for quite a while to get burgers from the famous Shake Shack. They were good but overhyped. Not pictured: my delicious vanilla milkshake which was definitely worth the wait.

From the train platform heading home after the Mets defeated the Pirates, 7-3. 

Phew! What a weekend....and hooray for a 4 day work week!

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  1. I like the jumping in ocean pics of Christian, but yet the best photo ops of him were sadly missed.
    Yea, uh, the best part about a Shake Shack burger is the tomato. Totally. Overrated. Glad we didn't get fries, they're straight out of a high school cafeteria (but I was glad to help Christian finish his!). The shake was excellent.


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