Wednesday, June 29, 2011

office work

Have you been thoroughly been inundated by posts yet? I've finally gotten back on track with blogging and have been finding lots of fun things to write about. 

Our office has a few completed projects that are in the process of being photographed. We took a little office field trip during the photoshoot of this apartment on 20th Street in Manhattan. It wasn't my project but I did help measure it back in 2009. It's amazing to see the transformation!

The kitchen is by a company called Henrybuilt. The skylight was existing and gets amazing light on the penthouse floor.

That's the Flatiron Building in the background (upper left). Not too shabby, huh?

The living room adjoins to the kitchen and they have an enormous projection screen for movie and tv watching. Both the screen and projector recess into the ceiling and are controlled by the client's iPhone. Way too high tech for me!!

The den was probably the most put together of all the rooms (the client is adorable and was telling us all about the sloooow decorating process). I love the print above her desk. Such good words to live by.

I also really like the fireplace mantle. It's a beautiful piece of marble with only the slightest curve. So simple and elegant. I can never dream of having so many books!

We really love this client and miss her visits to the office. She would occasionally bring some of her dogs (and other times her hilarious twin sister). At one point, the couple had four but now they are down to three. The little one is Snickers and the Wheatons are Teddy and Freddy. Unfortunately, their new beautiful walnut floors already have scuff marks all over them from puppy paws, but the dogs love their built in nook under the stairs.

I can't get over the huge chandelier over the bathtub. One day...

I really love the light fixture in their entry foyer. Can you believe it cost something like fifteen thousand dollars though?! Crazy right?! Upstairs they have a huge sectional sofa that cost thirty thousand! With three dogs?! These people must be crazy. We love working with the crazy ones though :)

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