Monday, June 27, 2011


After looking through all my pictures from the weekend, my days seem filled with food and alcohol. I'm not complaining, and I'm honestly not all that surprised. I do love the weekends :)

On Friday night, I finally got around to using my stove. Can you believe I have lived in my apartment over a month and not used it at all?! My microwave was definitely getting a workout. After scrubbing the burners and pans extensively, I was ready for Stuffed Peppers redux. I used pretty much the same recipe as last time but boiled the peppers to soften them up a bit and added some enchilada sauce. Kurt added tons of hot sauce to his. They turned out pretty good. I plan on experimenting more with the filling and making them more often.

After dinner, Kurt and I went to Der Kommissar for a beer. It is relatively new, so we wanted to check it out. It seemed like more of a restaurant, so we'll have to go back and try the sausages sometime.

{artwork by Kurt}

Several weeks ago, Kurt and I were at the grocery store near his apartment. It's pretty much a normal store (albeit heavily stocked with Polish items) but they have an extensive beer section. They even had a wide variety of canned beers we had never heard of. From there, the beer can party was born.

Ideally I would have liked to represent Alabama and find some Good People. Alas, I doubted any NYC stores would carry it but admittedly I didn't look very hard. While we couldn't find Ohio beer either, Kurt decided to represent with Iron City cans from Pittsburgh. I ended up with Sly Fox Weisse from somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Sticking with the theme, Kurt grilled a beer can chicken along with lots of other meats and vegetables. He tirelessly manned the grill all evening. Thanks, Kurt!

On Sunday, as the first step to recovering from the beer can festivities, I demanded requested that Kurt and I get brunch at an actual restaurant. We went to Bar Toto and sat on the sidewalk. It was such a lovely day. Kurt and I split a meat, cheese, and veggie plate as well as a pesto pizza. Sorry I was too focused on devouring them to take a picture.

I had the cooking bug, so I decided I was going to make pork tacos for dinner on Sunday. I dusted off my crockpot and got a big hunk of pork. I slow cooked it with onions, chicken stock, orange juice, and spices for about four or five hours until the meat was shreddable.

Kurt came over before his coop shift to share them with me. We layered some meat, salsa, lettuce, and sour cream on corn tortillas. Yum! I've got tons of meat left over and contemplating my first attempt at a Cuban sandwich sometime this week :)


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