Thursday, July 14, 2011

back to school

I'm imagining this will be Kurt and I as we embark on our first day of school.

I have always (mostly) liked school. Learning new things was fun and I was pretty good at it. However, I was not so successful in studio courses and it stressed me out, so I have taken a lengthy learnin' break after my time at Auburn. If I were a good little architect-in-training, I would be taking ARE classes and studying for my exams. I'm dragging my feet on that, so instead Kurt and I are taking a Spanish class together! (In my defense, there was a Groupon from Fluent Brooklyn. When NCARB starts offering Groupons, I will get moving on the architecting.) 

Anyway, Spanish! I'm super excited. The Spanish speaking population in NYC (and the rest of the country) is huge, and no matter how much we Americans stick our heels in, that's not changing. When I'm at work, a large percentage of on-site workers are of the Hispanic persuasion. You would be surprised how often I run into a communication barrier. Although I don't foresee becoming fluent (or even remotely close) after one dinky course, I think it is a good basis to have. Let's hope I can stick with it and actually use it! I'm afraid Kurt is going to be much better than I am (Italian and Spanish are almost the same thing, right?) but I'm hoping we will be able to practice together. However, I'm not sure he is yet aware of my obsession with being an A+ student. Our relationship might not make it through this course! Wish us luck!


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