Sunday, July 31, 2011

croque monsieurs

One day after work, I foolishly told Kurt I would make dinner. I tend to lack inspiration in the kitchen and was scrambling to come up with something good. I racked my brain and finally decided on this recipe via French Revolution for Croque Monsieurs. I'm often scared of French recipes because they seem complicated and only to be attempted if you've attended Le Cordon Bleu. Luckily, this one seemed relatively easy and wouldn't require a crazy amount of ingredients. 

Bread, cheese, ham, and my first attempt at Bechamel sauce before going in the oven. The recipe gives you a good framework to start with but allows for some tweaking to fit your preferences (I used a baguette instead of sandwich bread).

I think it turned out pretty well! You should definitely try this if you are looking for something a little different but still simple. I reheated one a few days later and it was even better because the sauce really soaked into the bread. Bon appetit!

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