Wednesday, July 13, 2011

recently (according to my camera and phone)

It's pretty steamy here in NYC. The days remind me of summer days in the South when all you have the energy to do is sit on a porch somewhere with a cool beverage while fanning yourself. In that spirit, here is a short and sweet rundown of the past couple weeks. Somehow I've fallen behind. Again. Maybe I will get around to a proper post one of these days if I can muster up the time and energy.

AIA Brooklyn happy hour with Jenn. Incredible office near the Columbia Waterfront. I wouldn't mind working here everyday. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't stay employed too long because I would never want to be sitting at my desk with this kind of view.

Friday drinks at 230 Fifth in Manhattan. The rooftop was kind of cheesy and this was the beginning of an overly boozy night for me, but I did find a new favorite (non-beer) drink: blueberry vodka with soda or seltzer. Must. Recreate. Immediately.

I was visited by the furniture fairy (aka Kurt's parents) and now have a new couch! I'm so excited to have more seating and proud to say I assembled this sucker all by myself (with Aubie's help of course).

I have also added new art to the walls. However, I'm ashamed to say that the entire opposite wall of the apartment has been completely neglected. Totally bare. I'm at a loss for what to do with it. I'm hoping the furniture fairy tells the electronics fairy how desperate my situation is and she sends a nice little flat screen tv my way. Oh, and while you are at it, an awesome camera wouldn't hurt either. Thanks!

Puppy love with Opal and Oxford when Kurt's parents visited for the Fourth of July. Sadly, NYC beaches hate dogs, so these two weren't able to frolic in the water like they had been dreaming of. Instead, they just got hosed off in the backyard. {Photo courtesy of Kurt}

Fourth of July peach and berry crisp. Recipe inspiration found here. Delicious served hot with vanilla ice cream (and fireworks).

Big Boy Shakes (aka loaded with booze) with Jenn at Flipsters in Brooklyn. I think I've found my purpose in life.

Member night cocktails at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Kurt, Erin, and Andrea. I'd like to say we took double fisting to an entirely new classy level.

More puppy love in Boston. I promise to expound on this one soon!

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  1. Busy! Trying to lick the camera no doubt.

    Love that sofa! Good job furniture fairy!


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