Wednesday, July 20, 2011

why do I hate closet doors?

Apparently I've got it out for them. Remember my last apartment? Well, I had an issue with my current ones too. To remind you of the setup at my place, here are some photos before I moved in. There is one pretty good size closet with sliding doors.

It fits a ton and even has some built ins. I like that the sliding doors don't take up floor space like swing doors, but they also limit my access to the closet. I could never reach anything in the middle! Totally non-functional. They also didn't slide all that well, so I rarely closed them and my disaster of clothes was always on display.

Solution: fabric curtain!

I'm not 100% convinced though. I don't mind how it looks but I think its a little tacky, especially since the curtain is a little too short, leaving a gap at the top and bottom. I'm also a little weirded out that the closet is practically in my "kitchen". Even though I never really closed the sliding doors, in my mind they were a tougher barrier between my clothes and food. However, I love the curtain. And it is a million times more functional. I can reach every inch of storage and still easily conceal the mess. I'm even inspired to organize the entire thing when a slow weekend comes around (maybe sometime in November?).

It's just a shower curtain from Target, but I am obsessed with the pattern. (Yes. I realize I am a print lunatic. I've come to terms with it.) Even though I may not be completely sold on the curtain idea yet, I smile every time I pass by that pretty fabric.

Funny story...I ran into my landlord, Vinny, yesterday when I got home from work. I hadn't seen him since signing my lease, but he remembered me and was just as amusing as the first time. I ran into him as he was leaving my apartment because I had asked him to look at a little thing. He said, "Man! The apartment looks smokin'! I love what you've done in there." The guy who was helping really liked my chalkboard door too. It was really sweet. Glad someone likes all my crazy ideas!

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