Saturday, August 27, 2011

bring it, irene

{via the weather channel}

Not sure if you've heard (how could you miss it?!) but the East Coast is getting pummeled by Hurricane Irene this weekend. NYC has practically entered into emergency mode and everyone is freaking out. With an earthquake earlier in the week, the first hurricane to hit the city in many years, and the accompanying media hysteria, it's been an interesting few days. Even though I am convinced everyone is overreacting, Aubie and I have "evacuted" our apartment near the Gowanus Canal because it is near an area likely to flood. We've escaped to safety at Kurt's apartment farther up the hill.

At least I'm getting in some good blogging time since the rain and wind (and imminent danger, right Mom?) is keeping us indoors. Expects lots of posts in the next couple days! Everyone stay safe!

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