Tuesday, August 23, 2011

chicago: day three

Last batch of Chicago pictures, I promise. Sunday was our last full day in town and we set off on another all day, epic ride around the city.

We rode down a street near Justin and Brett's apartment and someone had put bubbles in the fountain! So funny!

Then it was onto brunch at Julius Meinl.

They take their coffee very seriously. Served on a silver platter with all the add ins...and a yummy cookie!

I opted for ham and brie crepes. Yum! 

After brunch we did some some riding around and came across Ork Posters. Unfortunately, they weren't open but they have really awesome prints. Kurt has Brooklyn and NYC in his apartment. I'm jealous! (When searching for those links, I discovered they now offer a four color screen print of Brooklyn. I must have it!)

Then we hit the beach! I had been waiting for this all weekend. I think Chicago makes up for its despair-inducing winters by having miles and miles of beautiful and accessible beaches in the summer.

The water was awesome and warm. I have no concept of the Great Lakes, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Pleasantly surprised!

But then Kurt got bored, so we left the beach for more bike riding.

We rode all the way to Logan Square and Wicker Park which reminded us a lot of Williamsburg here in Brooklyn (i.e. containing a high hipster population).

They even have a Brooklyn Industries! 

We stopped for tacos and cheap pitchers of beer at Big Star in Wicker Park.

I could get used to this place. The tacos were awesome and the indoor/outdoor vibe was great. I would probably be singing a different tune come February with subzero temperatures though.

Speaking of hipsters...some PBR love :)

Our next destination was the top of the Hancock Center but the skies began looking pretty ominous as we made our way downtown.

We rode our little hearts out (and almost got blown over by some crazy wind!) until making it to shelter under the Trump Tower where we discussed our plan of action. The rain was holding off, so we thought we might be able to hop back on our bikes and ride to the Hancock Tower. Not so much. We got halfway there and the skies opened up. We hurriedly locked the bikes and took shelter in the Gap. This wasn't just a light sprinkle. It was pouring. Kurt valiantly grabbed us a cab and we rode the measly 3 blocks or so to the tower.

We opted for the bar at the top of the building instead of the observation deck. Too bad this was our view when we reached the 96th floor! This rain was really throwing a wrench in our plans.

Eventually the clouds began to clear and we gradually were able to grab and awesome table by the window. We did the math and a bottle of wine at the bar was a much better deal than paying for tickets to the observation deck. More fun too!

We even got a rainbow!

The sky eventually cleared as we sipped our wine and revealed the awesome skyline.

We might have gotten a little sun that day :)

There was a swanky restaurant on the level below the bar which looked eastward over the lake.


After leaving the Hancock Tower and picking up our bikes, we attempted to do a little more exploring around downtown. Of course we got stuck in another rain shower. We took shelter under a big office building and chatted with an old cigar smoking guy from Texas. 

Once the rain cleared, we checked out Kurt's new favorite building up close.

We decided all these high rise residential towers share this park space. Kurt also decided that Chicago needs help in the landscape architecture department. Don't worry. He's on it.

We stopped by the Crown Fountain again at night before loading our tired selves and bikes on the train to go to bed (after a late night slice of pizza, of course).

I had such a blast in Chicago. Thanks again to our fabulous hosts for showing us a great time!

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  1. chicago, as well as NYC, is on my possible places to move to after college list! looks like you had an awesome time!


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