Monday, August 29, 2011

columbus, ohio

After visiting Kurt's hometown for a wedding, we drove down to Columbus (home of The Ohio State University). Last time we visited was for a football game where I saw a lot of campus. This trip was all about exploring the downtown area.

We began the evening at Bicentennial Park along the Scioto Mile. It has some great fountains that kids were enjoying the entire time we were hanging out at the nearby restaurant, Milestone 229. Every once and a while, the park would fill with fog which also entertained park goers.

Then we moved farther downtown to a bar called Tip Top.

Kurt and I rode our bikes there, so were able to take advantage of $1 pints of PBR. Can you believe it?!

Next, we met up with Kurt's friend Jesse at a new downtown bar called Fleur. Apparently they are trying to model the bar after a swanky Manhattan club.

There was a DJ but not too much dancing. I think the crowds might have been discouraged by the $5-6 beers. NYC style and prices! :)

On our way home that evening, Kurt and I stopped by a food cart on the street. Through talking with the cook and the bar owner of the pub next door, we made a common connection to Rocky Sullivan's, one of our favorite bars here in Brooklyn! What a small world! 

The next morning we had brunch at DK Diner. I stuffed myself with some delicious biscuits and gravy. Definitely not an everyday breakfast but nice to indulge in every once and a while.

We had to wait a while for a table and our food. Luckily, drinks (i.e. endless pots of coffee) were serve yourself and our table split an apply fritter the size of your head. And we got to eat outside. What could be better than that?

After brunch, Kurt and I continued on our bike tour of Columbus. The German Village was a main point of interest we wanted to hit but just as we arrived a storm started rolling in. We popped into the Old Mohawk for a drink while the rain passed.

While heading into the restaurant, Kurt spotted an Auburn fan, so I was able to get in a good "War Eagle!" The guy was quite surprised to get some Auburn love in Buckeye territory.

Whenever we are in Columbus, we have to pay homage to Kurt's favorite t-shirt company, Homage :)

They have lots of Ohio State-centric gear. Surprisingly, Kurt is all set in the t-shirt department but he did pick up a few plastic cups to keep up appearances.

While catching up with many of Kurt's friends in Columbus, they kept asking "Have you seen the new Kroger?" Naturally we were intrigued to see this new urban masterpiece that had everyone talking. Yes, I will admit it is better to have the store up at the street instead of set back behind a parking lot, but its not like there was an entrance on the street or even much of a presence. Keep working Columbus. I like where your head is at.

Our last stop before leaving town was Jeni's Ice Cream.

The shop was really cute and they had tons of delicious flavor mixtures. Btw, I love ice cream :)

Per Kurt's suggestion, I went with a scoop of salty caramel and something Buckeye (chocolate and peanut butter). Delicious! I liked the caramel so much we got a pint to take back to Kurt's parents.


Now we are back in NYC! I am really growing weary of our go straight to work from the airport plan that allows us more time in our vacation destination but always makes for an exhausting Monday. We're too old for that stuff! ;)

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  1. I 'always' see the War Eagle opportunities!

    Yea, the Kroger was the big news, the renovation was long-awaited about even when I was in Columbus. It's better, but I was also certainly disappointed. They're trying...

    Seeing the food-cart 'Tom-guy' again this year made my night!

    Cbus is a happening city...we did a lot! We rode all over the place, we stayed up super late (as we always seem to do in Cbus!) and had a blast seeing old friends.


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