Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the fantes came to town!

I finally had some visitors (other than family)! I was so excited to have Jen and Joey come stay with me this past weekend and tolerate me as I drug them all around the city. I had a blast but think they may have seen it as boot-camp. On Friday, we walked over 9 miles all over Manhattan and Brooklyn (and that was me making a conscious effort to go easy on them!). Then we biked over 21 miles all over Brooklyn on Saturday! Whoops. I just got really excited about showing them all the things I love about my city! Hopefully I didn't wear them out too much. They were such good sports!

Unfortunately, we didn't take too many pictures during our treks and only have a sporadic record of all the things we did.

Since Jen and Joey have been to NYC before, we didn't feel the need to hit tons of cultural sites or museums. Instead, I thought I would take them on a leisurely walk through the Lower East Side and East Village. No trip to New York is complete without food, so we stopped by the Doughnut Plant. Sadly, we were all too full from breakfast to partake and just ogled all the yummy flavors. 

When we were finally hungry, we went to Peels for lunch. (Erika from Urban Grace always goes there when she is in NYC so we figured it was something special.) The interior was gorgeous and the food was awesome. Jen and Joey even saw their neighbor from Raleigh outside! She owns a furniture/design shop across the street and must have been in the city buying new merchandise. Too bad she ran across the street before we could say hi :)

After more meandering through Manhattan, we made our way to meet Kurt at the Frying Pan for a few drinks before walking down the Highline.

If my guests weren't tired already, I wanted to drag them by where Jane Jacobs used to live. Too bad I was the only one excited by it. The current store, Glassybaby, looks cute too!

Kurt put together a lovely barbecue for us Friday night but sadly there is no photographic evidence.

On Saturday, Jen, Joey, Kurt, and I set out on an epic bike ride. We came across this movie/tv/commercial set in Cobble Hill. There were some very 80s outfits, car washing, and awkward dancing involved. Just a normal day in Brooklyn :)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Lunch at Habana Outpost. I can't believe it is the first time Kurt and I have been all year. We used to be regulars when I lived around the corner.

We did a bunch of other stuff, including riding to the northern most tip of Brooklyn, ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, drinks at Spritzenhaus, pizza and beer at Rocky Sullivan's, a late night trek to Blue and Gold in Manhattan for a mini Auburn reunion, getting drenched on the way home in a monsoon, and Sunday morning brunch at Bar Toto before my lovely guests had to depart.

On of my favorite parts of the Fante visit: they brought me Chick-fil-a!! How I miss those chicken bicuits.....

Thanks so much for visiting, Jen and Joey! See you again in another 3 years? Next time I'll go easy on you :) Now I owe you a visit in Raleigh. See you (and Gracie) soon at Eleven02!


  1. I didn't put 2 and 2 together as we were standing outside that store - but I knew once I clicked on your link that I had seen those little colored vases before!


    we should've gone inside! :)

  2. ps. good recap! thanks again for hosting us!


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