Thursday, August 4, 2011

sufjan in the park

Remember when Christian and I went to see Sufjan Stevens back in November? Well, we're such big fans that we couldn't pass up seeing him again at the Celebrate Brooklyn concert in Prospect Park. We didn't get tickets, but sat on the hill outside the bandshell instead (the weather was much more cooperative than when we saw The Decemberists). Even without seeing much of the performance, the show was still awesome. 

Here we are with all the other sad non-ticket holders trying to get a glimpse as Sufjan played the encore. He played three older songs, ending with Chicago, one of my favorites. (It was very fitting because I'm leaving for Chicago today! Kurt and I are taking an extended weekend trip to the city of wind :) I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share lots of stories when we return!)

To make up for my lack of good images from the show, here is a video of a dance rehearsal for the Age of Adz tour (the dance routines are awesome, btw). I love in the accompanying article how they call Sufjan an "indie-rock hearthrob". He is quite a cutie :) Thanks for the link, Christian!

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