Wednesday, August 31, 2011

we skirted the apocalypse [again]

Luckily, we were spared much trouble in NYC from dear, sweet Irene. Unfortunately, she gave our New England cousins up north a bit more grief. I hope everyone stays safe as they wade through the mess left behind. In the meantime, here is how the whole (underwhelming) weekend went down in Brooklyn.

Saturday seemed pretty ominous, so as I was rushing around doing laundry and cleaning my apartment (who does housework with an impending hurricane? Me, apparently.) Kurt came to retrieve Aubie on the bike trailer. You can take the boy out of Ohio...

Aubie was not too pleased to go for a ride. He thoroughly enjoyed the weekend in a new atmosphere though. He was (almost) a perfect gentleman at 731 without much clawing/biting and didn't break anything. (He is always knocking things over at my apartment!) He may have even kept a pesky mouse at bay over the weekend and won over the Martig Brothers :) However, Aubie did not win over neighbor Jenn's cat Princess Chunk. They hissed and growled at each other but I think deep down they will be friends one day.

The storm came through without much incident.  I slept through most of it (hence no action shots). Kurt got up early Sunday morning when the worst of it was coming through and was pretty disappointed with his first hurricane. We really only got lots of rain and some wind.

We went up on the roof as the backside of the storm was coming through (smart, right?). There was only wind and some crazy cloud action but no rain. The air was incredibly crisp. I guess Irene was good for clearing the air at least.

A few LSU friends (including a new 731 addition) came over to show us how to really enjoy a hurricane. They were pretty disappointed by Irene's performance but showed us how to yell at the sky, drink beer all day, play board games to pass the time (even though we never lost power), and made us the most delicious gumbo. I think we'll keep these kids around!

One of Aubie's thrills from his weekend journey was exploring the backyard of 731. I kept a close eye like the over-protective momma I am so he wouldn't escape (or scrape his knees or something). 

He was very cautious as he tip toed around very delicately.

Not quite a jungle cat  but I hope he enjoyed the bit of green. He doesn't get much at home with me.

Now we are back at my apartment safe and sound and back to our normal routine. The trains were up and running early Monday morning, so I was back at work too :(

Aubie's been spending lots of time gazing out our third floor window (dreaming of the 731 Jungle, I'm sure), sleeping copious amounts, and working on blending into my hardwood floors. Life as a cat sure is tough. Let's hope we don't have to relocate for any more natural disasters anytime soon! Although I have heard that a couple of brothers wouldn't mind us returning every once and while for a visit. Well, Aubie at least. I'm not sure if I'm invited :)


  1. I was pretty amped up for a big storm...and was thus pretty let down. The news media was hilarious though, they tried really hard to make mountains of mole hills from 5 am to 8 am as they were realizing nothing serious was going down...

    It really was amazing how clear the sky was Sunday afternoon. The Skyline was so crisp!

    The LSU crew confirmed that I really have to go to an LSU game to eat their tailgate food...that gumbo was amazing.

  2. aubie looks just like my roomate's cat! glad everything's okay with the hurricane


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