Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the big 3-OH(IO)

On September 5th, Kurt (or "my man" as my grandmother calls him) turned 30 years old. We threw a party the day before (so we could ring in his actually day at midnight) at Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook. We eventually took over the entire roof deck and had a blast with some good friends. 

The birthday boy in all his glory. Don't even ask about the facial hair. I don't want to talk about it.

Me, Thomas, and Erik 

Chris and Will 

Dramatic lighting

Christian and Kurt at a middle school dance.

Angela and Silvia 

Kurt and Johanna dancing and/or surfing.

More dancing

And then jumping. Kurt wanted to be held by everyone.

There are no words.

We suggested to Kurt that maybe he should drink some water. That's exactly what he did.


Kristin being a trooper

In honor of Kurt's love for Ohio, we did a special 3-O-H-I-O!

Between a busy week with my parents in the city and rushing back from Connecticut, I didn't have time to make Kurt any sweets for his party. Instead, I picked up this football shaped ice cream cake and brought it to the bar with us.

But then I forgot about it until it was practically soup :( Luckily we were able to salvage a little bit and ate it as a light night snack after our wild time at Rocky's.

For Kurt's actual birthday we rode our bikes back to Red Hook and had lunch from the Red Hook Food Vendors.

I couldn't come up with one monumental gift for Kurt, so I got him several small things including a book, some boxers (necessary, believe me), a gift certificate for a beard trim, and...

...a new Homage shirt to add to his collection.

And in order to redeem myself from the ice cream cake fiasco, I decided to make a French Silk Pie for Kurt's actual birthday. I was a little nervous because it is one of his favorite desserts and one of his mom's specialties. I had never made one before and thought I was bound to mess it up, but with the help of the Pioneer Woman, I think it turned out ok. I never got a straight answer from Kurt whether he liked mine better than his mother's though... :) I'll let that one lie.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks Laura!

    Thomas gets a ton of credit for his diligent photography that night! Captured some great moments.

    Can we do a poll on here about how awesome my Fu Manchu is?! (further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fu_Manchu_moustache)

    I love the COLUMBUS 'TIL I DIE shirt...thanks Melissa!!!

    Oh, and we also got to tell the people at Rocky's about their friends we met in Cbus!

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseshoe_moustache

    Seems I've been confused with the 'Horseshoe Mustache'. Interesting.

  3. this looks like so much fun! happy birthday kurt!


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