Thursday, September 22, 2011

design*sponge book launch

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Do you read Design*Sponge? Well, you should. It's a really fun design blog and they just came out with a great book called Design*Sponge at Home. I dont often posess that pre-order kind of zeal, but I really enjoy D*S and wanted to show my support. Plus, I got the book for half off when I ordered months ago!

Remember my Pioneer Woman excitement? The great thing about NYC is that book tours always stop here and we are often the first event. My pre-ordered book barely made it in time for the NYC launch at west elm near Columbus Circle, but I proudly had it in my hands at the party. Jenn got tied up at another event so I  convinced Kurt to accompany me. Free drinks and food, what's not to like?

I brought my fresh off the presses (and UPS truck) book with me and got an extra for Jenn to have them signed. I rarely swoon but got really nervous before approaching Grace Bonney, the creator of Design*Sponge and author of the book. She is even sweeter and more petite than I could have imagined.

All I could manage to tell her was how much I loved the book even though I only had 2 minutes to look through it. Luckily I was distracted by deciding how to address Jenn's book: 'Jenn' or 'Jennifer'? We went with 'Jenn' (like she and Grace are old pals) and Kurt was kind enough to document my moment.

Phew. Thanks to Kurt, we got the signing out of the way immediately and were then able to have lots of prosecco and hors d'oeuvres instead of standing in line.

I forget how much I like west elm. If it were just a tad cheaper I would like it even more. I guess I should watch the sale racks :) Plus, the Broadway location is a great space for a party. Kurt and I had a blast. I'm adding book launches to my free events to be on the lookout for now too.

If you need me, I finally have some time to myself and will be pouring through my gorgeous new book (matches my coral wall!). I already have quite a few DIY projects dog eared (without actually harming the book, of course) and am gleaning fun decorating tips from all the gorgeous house tours! Go get a copy today!! And look for a D*S book launch in your city. I hear the team is traveling all over the place!!

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