Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a few things...

{photo by Erik Martig}

  • I am back from Utah and had an incredibly fun time. We saw some old friends, made a few new ones, and had several dance parties. You better believe I have recaps on the way.
  • Fall arrived in NYC during my absence. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to cooler temps and earthy colors this year. Don't get me wrong, I love summer and all its beach time, sun dresses, sandals, and dining al fresco. However, I am tired of always being sweaty (tmi?) and am looking forward to a little wardrobe diversity (I swear I haven't worn jeans all summer). I would like to sleep with my windows mostly closed for some peace and quiet, not feel guilty for spending time indoors, and enjoy some college football. While we were traveling, I caught a gust of cold air in Chicago and almost lost all resolve to enjoy the season, but as long as autumn is unnaturally looooong and winter is far out of sight, I might be able to survive until my shorts are put into regular rotation once more.
  • When I arrived home late Monday night from the airport, I could tell Aubie was feeling under the weather. I've never taken him to the vet, so I had no idea how he would react. We picked a nearby clinic with good reviews and went after work last night. Aubie didn't like nosy dogs near his cage but was pretty unfazed by other cats. Once we got into an individual room, he enjoyed exploring and getting some extra love from the vet tech and the vet. But once they started trying to do an exam, he went into full bobcat mode. I've never heard such sounds come from my sweetheart moderately friendly cat. Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with those claws he was flailing around though. Ultimately, the vet gave up, said "wow, he's strong" and sent me home with a few options. Let's hope Aubie will be more agreeable when I try to play doctor with him!
  • My 3 year NYC anniversary has come and gone. I usually like to make a big deal about it and reflect back but was super busy and missed both the day I arrived (September 6th, also the birthday of a fab pair of twins I know) and the day I started my job (September 15th, also the day Lehman Brothers went under). Regardless, there you have it: 3 years, 4 apartments, and 1 cat later and I think I'm doing alright. In some respects I can't believe it's been that long and in others it feels short. Let's see where I end up at year 4 :) That celebration will not be missed!
  • Tonight, Kurt and I have our clase de español última (last Spanish class). I've had a love/hate relationship with this class. Every Wednesday beforehand, I would absolutely dread going. I never managed to fit any studying in during the previous week and was always stressed that I didn't know anything. Other fun things always seemed to pop up on Wednesdays and I felt weighed down by the obligation of going to school. Then the 2 hour class would always fly by and I would be sad to leave our fun teacher and classmates I had started to enjoy. The jury is still out on how much Spanish I have actually learned but I think a good groundwork is laid. Taking more classes might be out of my budget, but I hope Kurt and I can stick with it on our own.
  • I'm instituting a 1 drink max rule for the next month. I wavered blogging about it in fear I will actually have to stick with it, but I am hoping the internet gives me some sort of accountability. I also contemplated giving up alcohol completely but then decided I would never make it through a week, let alone a month (mama likes her glass of wine with dinner too much). That's not the point anyway. It's more about moderation. I feel like I have been overindulging lately and need to get a better balance. While I can't guarantee that "1 drink" won't devolve from 1 drink per night to 1 drink per bar or 1 drink per hour, I will try to stay on the straight and narrow. Save some money. Save some calories. Save some brain/liver cells :) Wish me luck!!

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