Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good things come to those who wait

Ta da! Check out my awesome new/old chair!

Remember when Kurt's parents brought it to me back in the Spring?

Well, it used to look like this in all of its golf fabric glory...

...and now it looks like this! (The perfect spot for my pretty pillow!) This entire project is compliments of the highly talented Erin who slaved away on the cushions in her free time. Even though I gave her a very difficult fabric and pretty much zero foam to work with, she came out with an amazing result! I'm going to give her a break before I ask her to work on the sofa (I promise I will be on the hunt for a more cooperative fabric!), but she may be taking on some other projects. Let me know if you need something upholstered and I will put you in touch :)

(Please excuse the sorry state of my apartment, including but not limited to the disheveled rug, aimless palette I found on the street, stray cords everywhere, and the general disarray. You never notice how bad things look until you are about to post them on the internet!)

Two satisfied customers! Thanks so much, Erin! I love my chair now!

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