Thursday, September 1, 2011

mason jar light [update!]

About a month ago, I installed these mason jar lights in my apartment. It was a quick weekend project and I was pretty happy with the final product but it needed some finessing. I finally got around to buying some new light bulbs. They aren't quite the gorgeous Edison bulbs I had dreamt about but are much kinder on your retinas than my original bulbs. Plus, at just over $1 a pop, the price tag is much easier to stomach than $10+ Edison bulbs. 

Remember those crazy cords from the original post? I broke out my hot glue gun and secured them tight to the corners. It looks a little too DIY for my taste in some spots but generally works. I should have listened to Laura's advice to get a paintable channel to contain the wires but that would have required a trip to the hardware store....and I was lazy! File this project under COMPLETE!

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