Friday, September 2, 2011

pillow project (aka my retirement plan)

For some reason, pretty pillows are so expensive. I'm looking at you, Anthropologie. I was doomed to have very few decorative pillows around my apartment until I read this blog post. The blogger used cute and inexpensive napkins from World Market to make really easy pillow covers then stuffed it with an inexpensive pillow insert from IKEA. How brilliant is that?! I want to make millions of these, sell them on Etsy, and quit my day job. I really shouldn't be telling you all the secret to my future wealth, but seeing as I completely stole this entire project from Centsational Girl (right down to the napkin pattern she used) I figured I might as well pay it forward.

I also can't take much credit for this project because I did a very small fraction of the work. I don't have a sewing machine (and more importantly any sewing skills) so I took my materials over to Jenn's apartment and she did it all for me (thanks, Jenn!). 

Such a cute fabric. Definitely feeding my pattern addiction.

In full DIY disclosure, I didn't think about the gap at the back of the pillow, so you can see the insert inside. I might install some velcro pieces along the seam or maybe some cute loops and buttons. TBD. Good to work out the kinks before I get this business rolling :) 

The cost  breakdown:
2 napkins - $8 (set of 4 for $16)
1 pillow insert - $3
Jenn's blood, sweat, and tears - I mean, she is a fancy architect these days, so she is bound to bill a lot! Hopefully I can replace it soon with my own cheap labor.

In the meantime, this prototype will perch on my almost completed chair! More details to follow.


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