Monday, October 24, 2011

beet off

Remember the Lemon Off (which I got a trophy from!) and Pumpkin Off? Well, sadly, the summer got a little too busy for everyone and we passed up a Rhubarb Off. Next year! The show must go on, so Jenn put together a Beet Off for the fall. Get your mind out of the gutter. Everyone gathered in the backyard with their best beet dish for a little friendly competition.

We all stuffed our faces with some delicious food and even make some converts from people who swore they hated beets. There were salads and egg dishes, brownies and cakes, and even some beet ice cream. Kurt, being the purist he is, made simple roasted beets and they were great. He didn't want to mess with the basics.

I didn't really plan what to make until a few hours before the party, so as a last ditch effort, I settled on a Beet Cake found through a lovely blog and video showing how to make it. I was a bit rushed and through my madness trying to get the cake done, it kind of fell apart...literally...not my finest moment. Instead of dwelling on the disaster, I stuck the pieces back together, threw some frosting on it, and hoped for the best. Sadly, my cake was not a winner (although it did get a few votes!) and I was forced to hand over my title and trophy :(

Jenn came away with the top prize for her Beet Gnocchi. It was really delicious. I'm ashamed to admit I had several helpings. It was that good.

The best savory winner was Stephanie (a repeat winner!) with  Beet Hummus and Christine took the sweet category with Beet Mousse. 

I have honestly never cooked a beet before in my life but now I am excited to try out all sorts of new recipes. Next of my list to try is Beet Risotto. Watch your clothes! Beets stain like crazy!


  1. My cubed and roasted beets were drizzled in olive oil and balsamic. And yes, this was my follow-up to a pitcher of lemon water which I made for the lemon off. I think people are misunderstanding my genius.


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