Saturday, October 22, 2011

film biz prop shop: part i

On a recent rainy day a few weekends ago, I stopped in the Film Biz Prop Shop in Brooklyn. They take set elements from TV, movies, and commercials and sell them in a thrift store-like setting with proceeds going to charity. An awesome cause and lots of cool stuff to peruse!

They had millions of books. Several stacks would look great on my "media wall" but I should really take the time to choose ones I could actually be interested in.

Some random elements. A lot of the items could also be case you are in need of a temporary disco ball :)

Now why would this post need to be split into multiple parts? Well, I bought an awesome Groupon (surprise, surprise) a few months ago for $100 of stuff at the prop shop. It expires soon so I need to get back there soon and pick out some awesome stuff! Well, I have my eye on a desk chair or two that I can paint and recover the seat with cute fabric. They also have gobs and gobs of framed art that could jazz up my walls. I think the inventory may change over frequently but I also spotted a little table that could act as a cute coffee table. I'm excited to load up on some stuff soon! Who wants to help me schlep it to my apartment?!


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