Wednesday, October 19, 2011

montreal: le dernier jour

Our fun in Montreal eventually had to come to an end.

We packed up and said goodbye to our cute hostel.

Farewell to our lovely street.

And hello to the train we would be spending the rest of the day with.

FYI, Amtrak loads up early, so if you want a good seat, get there a half hour ahead of time. We didn't do this and had to settle with aisle seats in the way back of the train. It wasn't that bad, but I can't tell you how long we had been looking forward to gazing out the windows at the gorgeous fall foliage as we rode the 11 hours back to NYC. This way we just made the people next to us uncomfortable by leaning a little too closely over their shoulder.

Luckily you can roam around the train pretty freely and visit the observation car which has tons of windows and sets you higher up above the tracks. The views and colors were spectacular. Lake Champlain is amazing and huge! We rode along it for the majority of the trip. The only downside of the observation car was the lack of A/C. It got pretty steamy in there!

We had some delays crossing the border (Kurt's seat neighbor didn't know how to answer simple yes or no questions) and ran into some freight train traffic, so the ride was pretty lengthy. I passed the time reading (made a good dent in The Fountainhead), sleeping, and sharing a couple beers with Kurt in the cafe car as we planned our move to Montreal.

I hope you have enjoyed all the lovely photos from our trip. Pretty much every single one (apart from a few random iPhone shots here and there) was taken by Kurt and his amazing new camera--an Olympus PEN E-PL2--in case you are interested. I don't even see the point in taking pictures with my crappy point and shoot anymore. So until I make a major camera upgrade (suggestions?) Kurt will be acting as my official blog photographer :) Thanks, Kurt! And thanks for another fun trip! Where are we off to next?

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