Friday, October 21, 2011

shelving dilemma

I have this completely neglected wall in my apartment. I have dubbed it the "media wall" because A) it would be a lovely place for a huge flat screen TV and B) I own no such device, so I'm not in too much of a hurry to do anything there. Lately, however, I've been tiring of the blank wall and pile of books and movies on the floor. I can't afford much at the moment and IKEA mainly has fake wood pieces (which I am trying to steer clear of), so I've been brainstorming some DIY options to organize the chaos.

I'm probably an idiot for liking this, but I was floored when I saw this image in the latest Rue Magazine. It's so simple and nonchalant. I would probably muck up the simplicity by adding lots things above (and probably not a huge piece of art) but I really like the idea of a single, low platform. Now all I need is a gorgeous slab of wood and two perfectly level but full of character boulders. Easier said than done here in NYC...

I also have my eye on this plumbing fixture shelving unit from The Brick House (and two awesome versions from Manhattan Nest). I love the look and am secretly hoping for a tedious new project. Plus, I live about two blocks from Lowe's and can easily raid their plumbing dept at a moments notice.

If that wasn't enough inspiration for one smorgasbord of a "media wall," I also found this pallet on the street months ago. Don't ask me why, but I've always wanted one. I see people do such creative things with them while instantly making their space look a little industrial and rugged. I found this cute little mini one and now all I can think of is a magazine rack! Jeez. At least it counts as "media."

Please. I need some help.

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