Thursday, October 27, 2011

some time in alabama

I just returned from a few days visiting my parents. Sadly, my blog photographer could not accompany me on this trip, so you will have to endure my random assortment of images as I try to piece together some sort of summary.

Leaving La Guardia. Apparently terrorism comes in all sorts of packaging.

My parents recently enclosed their garage to turn it into my dad's "pool room". He doesn't even own a pool table yet, so it's a slow work in progress. I'm currently working on a design scheme for the room and will share it here once it is presentable. My parents ultimately won't heed my advice but at least they can't complain that I never "design" anything for them.

Craft project! I love how easy it is to run outside and spray paint something when you have a yard. My craft space is limited here in the city. The only options are the sidewalk or roof (or risk asphyxiation in my apartment). My mom is sending the finished product in the mail. Photos soon!

Spending some time at the barn (which I admit I generally try to avoid) with Annie and my mom's growing cactus army.

Auburn display at Hobby Lobby. I miss seeing those beautiful AUs plastered everywhere. I had to recondition myself to not scream War Eagle at every person I saw wearing an Auburn t-shirt. 

Sigh. The required trip to Chick-fil-a. I miss it already.

I had lunch with my high school friend, Ashlea, one day and she showed me around the new (I mean, just been built kind of new) house that she, her husband, and two little boys are about to move into.

So grown up!  


Mmmmm. Yummy dinner at Mellow Mushroom with the folks. Not that I've spent too many of my drinking years in Huntsville, but I don't feel like too many places (except Mellow Mushroom) try to support local breweries. So whenever we go, I try to get some Alabama-centric beer. This time, my dad and I both tried the Yellowhammer IPA. Very good!

My mom's main event for the weekend was the Parade of Homes in Huntsville. A couple weekends a year, developers and real estate agents hold open houses all over the county of fancy houses that are currently for sale. It's fun to wander around and see what's out there. We especially liked seeing the houses that were staged with furniture and art. Always looking for decorating tips! They need to do this in NYC!

Then before I knew it I was back on a plane to New York. Somehow I managed to snag the only window seat without a window! Then I was too embarrassed to ask to change. Sigh. However, Kurt would be proud of me for invading the row behind me to get a shot of the incredible sunset from thousands of feet in the air. 

Thanks for the great visit, Mom and Dad! See you at Christmas! Save some of that warm weather for me :)

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