Thursday, November 17, 2011

banquet table

(also known as how Kurt does all the work while Melissa stands around and takes pictures)

For quite some time I have been using the same dinky table in my apartment as a desk, a dining table, and general work surface. The teeny Ikea components have traveled along with me, in one form or another, from my very first New York City apartment. I didn't have any grand plans for an upgrade until Kurt's boss offered me a huge solid core door he and his wife had used for a table in their Manhattan apartment. I'm sort of limited on space but decided it would be worth the sacrifice of floor space for a large work table. One night last week, Kurt and I got a zip car to pick it up and man, it was heavy! I felt bad for Kurt since I am such a weakling. He practically had to carry it himself. I think he's planning a vacation the next time I decide to move.

I decided I wanted these legs from Ikea. In the picture they look a little unwieldy, so Kurt was kind enough to help me cart them home from the store. We should have figured they would be flat packed and the trailer would be overkill. Lesson learned. Sadly, one of the legs which we had to assemble ourselves was defective. We were able to jerry rig it together but I am a little wary. If you hear of a Brooklyn girl dying in a freak door/table accident, Ikea is to blame.

After some measuring, the door was a little too long to fit in the available niche, so we (ie Kurt) had to cut it down. He was a whiz with the circular saw and pretty soon the door was cut and my apartment was covered in saw dust. The table fits snugly (what's this I hear about measure twice, cut once?!) but it fits! 

And is sooooooo big! I was a little in shock when it first went in but now I am getting used to it. It sticks out a little farther than I would like but I will live with it unless it starts getting in the way. I'm dreading have bruised hips from running into it constantly! I can't wait to have people over and we can all have a big meal around it. Too bad all the guests will have to bring their own chair :)

The large work surface is amazing! I can really spread out and make a big mess. I even christened the table on it's first evening with a new craft project. I think we will get along just fine.


  1. Looks fantastic. I have wanted a big table like that for a long time. Maybe I'll splurge this winter! :)

  2. That pic of me with the saw doesn't looked staged at all!!!


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