Friday, November 11, 2011

blog party

Lately I have been feeling the need to shake things up. I wouldn't call it a rut, but I've been feeling a little too comfortable and following the same routine. While many people may think this is a good point to reach, I feel the need for change and excitement and unexpectedness that comes from branching out, doing new things, and meeting new people. That's why I was so excited when I saw Natalie from The SoHo was hosting a party for bloggers who live in NYC. Meeting new people is intimidating, but I sucked it up and decided to put myself outside my comfort zone.

The hostesses asked that everyone bring a fall themed dessert. Of course, I planned my time poorly and was running around like a madwoman to make something the morning before the party. These started as Pear and Apple Mini-Pies but soon evolved into Pears and Apples Cuddling in a Blanket (a la their Pig cousins). I made a cream cheese and pumpkin dip which was totally unnecessary but came along for the ride anyway.

I wish I hadn't been late and rushing to the party because I really love the West Village. I'm a Brooklyn girl at heart but if I had to be in Manhattan, this would definitely be a preferred zip code. In order to afford it, I would probably have to sell my eggs and sleep in a windowless closet but I would live in an awesome neighborhood :)

Our lovely hostesses Amy of Old Sweet Song and Natalie of The SoHo. (Pardon my awful iPhone pictures. I was too ashamed to take out my point and click.)

Amy has the most adorable and put together apartment. (Her closet is to die for!) After taking in the initial cuteness of her home, I realized I was surrounded by some blogging celebrities! Joanna from A Cup of Jo, Jenny from Little Green Notebook, and Jordan from Oh Happy Day! were all there! Plus, I was surrounded by a roomful of stylish ladies and a table full of enticing desserts. Talk about terrifying!

I was definitely out of my league but tried to be as talkative as possible. Everyone was so incredibly sweet and down to earth. It's funny to read someone's blog and then meet them. I know so much about their lives but we've never spoken. Twenty first century problems :) I had such a blast chatting with some really smart and fascinating women with different backgrounds. Everyone is interested in design and food and fashion but also have "real" lives outside of blogging. 

There were tons of delicious desserts and we ate ourselves into a sugar coma before voting on our favorite sweet. Sadly my fruit blankets didn't win anything :( but I still got an awesome goody bag (you can win one too)! These ladies sure know how to throw a party! Thank you so much!

Check out Amy and Natalie's recaps of the party! And here is the recipe for the winning pie! Also, check out Kelly of Design Crush's recap of the party here. She calls my mini pies "inventive"! I'm pretty sure that is like Miss Congeniality, but I'll take it! :)

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