Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Soooo.....I had grand Halloween plans this year. Normally, I am stumped and cannot come up with a good costume to save my life and throw something random together a couple hours before a party. But this time I had a plan! Of course it still involved the last minute, so I planned on getting all my supplies on Saturday before a friend's work party that evening.

Then this happened. Yep, freak snow storm in October.

I was so upset, I didn't leave my apartment all day. My grand ambitions in costume making quickly fizzled and I decided I could probably pull off a cat in my snow boots and homemade ears. My super, incredible, amazing costume will have to wait until next year. If I already told you my idea, guard that secret with your life! Halloween 2012!

The crappy weather continued into the evening as Kurt and I hunted for a cab to take us to Red Hook. Our friend Paul works at Uhuru, an awesome furniture company, and they threw a party in their massive (albeit drafty) workshop. I thought the weather would deter party goers or at least bring down the level of costumes but neither was the case. There were some amazing get ups! I guess I was the only wimp who let a little snow bring me down :(

Christian (sans costume for agility) and Kurt battling it out at ping pong.

One of the most fun elements of the party was a mini photo booth by The Digital Photobooth. The camera took awesome shots!

Erin as a bed bug.

Paul as an impaled zombie?

Andrea pulled off a much better cat than I did. I should have gone for the whiskers!

Kurt as Steve Jobs. While I failed at making my own costume, I think I created a pretty impressive iPad knockoff :)

Christian as a robot inspired by Flight of the Conchords.

We're supposed to be growling although it looks more like awkward smiling. 


Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Kind of awkward moment here. You won my You Pick Giveaway, but I couldn't find an email for you. Could you kindly email me back at b9objects[at]gmail[dot]com with your contact info and shipping address so I can send you your perpetual calendar? Thanks! Rachel

  2. Yes, your knock-off ipad was right up there with Chinese quality! Thank you!

  3. love kurts costume. nice ipad!


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