Monday, November 14, 2011

marathon time!

The NYC Marathon was a held a couple weekends ago on the most gorgeous fall day ever. It was so perfect for the runners. Unlike last year, I didn't have any friends running (no dog in the race, per se?) that I wanted to see, so Kurt and I leisurely watched on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn near my apartment. We grabbed some coffee and found a spot on the route. Hilariously, we were watching near a banana station which held more entertainment than you would think. 

I can't describe how much I love the marathon. There is nothing but positivity buzzing through the streets in a city that can sometimes seem rough around the edges. Over forty thousand people are attempting an amazing feat and they have the support of thousands of strangers to help them get there. I'm such a sap, but I'm practically in tears every year. It's so touching! You must experience the marathon at least once! Plan a trip for next year. Hotel Melissa is currently taking reservations for November 2012 :)

{good photos by Kurt}


  1. Also, we saw (or I did) a bare-foot runner! Wish I was quick enough to photograph that.

    For further reading:

  2. i really appreciate your comment on traveling, its nice to have opinions from caring bloggers that are separate from my family and friends here

    i always try and watch the cooper river bridge run in charleston, the costumes are the best


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