Monday, November 7, 2011

new curtains!

I've got several other posts lined up in my queue but am so excited about this one I just have to get it out there. Lately I've been so underwhelmed by my apartment's window treatments. I mean, when you only have two windows in your entire apartment, they should be suitably outfitted, right?

Well, ever since I installed matchstick blinds back in June (where does the time go?!), my windows have looked like this. The curtains were hand me downs from a previous project, didn't fit the windows, and certainly didn't block much light. Once I decided they needed to be replaced, I quickly discovered how expensive curtains can get, especially when you are picky about the look. I wanted floor to ceiling panels, so buying them off the shelf (regardless of color or pattern) was going to be well over $100 (ie cost prohibitive). I briefly considered buying fabric and making my own, but 12 yards of fabric can even be pretty pricey, not to mention my lack of sewing skills. 

Then I recalled a post from Little Green Notebook about using bed sheets as inexpensive window panels. Sounds perfect! Until I realized it is really hard to find flat sheets sold separately and near to impossible to find them in the teal shade I wanted to pull from this pillow and this stool.

As much as I try to avoid patronizing Walmart, I was able to find sheets in the perfect shade and perfect price (ahem, $8 for an entire set?!) on their website. Even though I only needed the flat sheet, I scooped up four twin sheet sets and had them delivered for free to a nearby Fedex store (since NYC won't allow Walmart in the city). I was a little worried that "microfiber" might be a bad choice for curtains but was willing to take that risk for the deal. Surely I can find something to do with 4 fitted twin sheets and pillowcases :)

I was so pleased once they arrived! The color is a little too blue and the fabric isn't luxurious by any means but they far exceeded my expectations. The only downside was that each flat sheet was hopelessly wrinkled. As a girl who hates to iron, I often can overlook a crinkle or two but this was desperate. Thankfully, the wrinkles released easily but they still took all evening to press. It was torture. 

A preview: even without hardware, I was pleased with the look.

Ta-da! Vast improvement! I also experienced some sticker shock with curtain hardware but was able to find these basic rods at a closeout store for $10 each. The are currently a brushed nickel finish but I may consider painting them a brass color. The best part about the new curtains? They actually block light! It's like I live in a real apartment. This girl is definitely moving up in the world :)


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