Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sunny man cave: part i

My parents have been working on converting their garage into my dad's pool room for quite a while (we Gravelines are more of the 'slow and steady wins the race' type). They occasionally ask for my opinion on design related matters and I generally give them a vague, useless answer. But this time they have a blank slate and were insistent I give them something to work with. When I was home a few weeks ago, I took some measurements and pictures and have been working on a design. I'm sure they will hate it but at least it's a jumping off point for discussion.

{northeast corner} That refrigerator is relocating elsewhere. My parents want to enclose/conceal the hot water heater somehow. We had talked about a cabinet but I think an actual closet with full walls would be better. Hopefully it could be big enough for storage of other unsightly items, including a treadmill.

{southeast corner} That door leads into the house via the kitchen. This is always how everyone enters and leaves, so it is typically a dumping ground for shoes and jackets. While the full size refrigerator is finding a new home, my parents mentioned getting a wine cooler for this room (my dad loves a good Chardonnay) and setting up a small bar area with a counter and some cabinets. Now we just need to find a cooler that holds value size bottles of wine, right Dad? :)

{southwest corner} The wall jogs in slightly here and a portion of the cinder block foundation wall juts into the room. It's got some odd things going on. No man cave/pool room would be complete without a big TV, so we think this may be the best location. A small seating area will be useful for sports watching. Maybe some bookcases for displaying Auburn memorabilia? I think so!

{northwest corner} Eventually I see the pool table inhabiting this space (right near the ladder and cat, Pumpkin). There are currently six boxes wired for lights in the ceiling, and if we're lucky, two pendant lights will fall perfectly above the table. I've got my fingers crossed.

We didn't talk much about furniture expectations, but my parents do plan on reusing this futon in the space. I originally saw us getting a new cover, but now I think the black might be pretty versatile. It will need a bit of spiffing up though :)

Check back tomorrow for my oh so genius design scheme!

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