Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sunny man cave: part ii

So after showing you the "befores" yesterday, here is the design scheme I developed for my parents garage come pool room. I don't claim it to be anything special. I just picked a few colors and items and threw them altogether so my parents can start to visualize it. 

I broke the room down into some zones for pool playing, seating and TV watching, the bar area, and the enclosed water heater closet. My dad seems hell bent on using carpet for a cozy feel in the room, but I feel like an engineered wood floor would be better suited to the high traffic area and concrete subfloor. They can get an area rug for the seating area for some softness. My mom wants a black counter top for the "bar" and is thinking of a gray for the walls. To counteract all the cool colors, I suggested they get red felt on the pool table. This might be a little outside their comfort zone! (In case you are wondering, North is up on this drawing.)

There is currently wiring for lights in the ceiling and it would be ideal if we could get them to line up for a couple pendants above the pool table. I'm suggesting dark walls above and a faux paneling below in a light gray or white. My dad will be doing most of the carpentry for the room and doesn't want a ton of extra work, so I thought installing some 1x3s on the walls and then painting it all out in a semi-gloss trim color would be easier than real wall panels. It might help protect the drywall from a rogue pool cue or two!

Here you can see the closet for the hot water heater and a little bar. Ideally I would like to tuck a wine cooler behind and possibly have some stools for perching. Some travel posters (love this site!) perk up the walls behind the bar. 

Ledger board with hooks for jackets and basket for shoes. I'm probably going way overboard with the built-in shelves but it will generally be an area for a TV and miscellaneous items.

I love yellow and gray. It's such a nice combination. Not exactly "manly" but I would love use these curtains! I decided yellow and red would go nicely with all the black and gray in the room. Cross your fingers it doesn't go the way of McDonald's decor!

So, after talking it over with my parents a little, they are pretty happy with the ideas. Of course they have a few dad would like plantation shutters or Roman shades over the curtains I chose. He thinks the closet may be too big and still isn't sold on the wood floor. My mom isn't sure about the bar area and a few other items. All really fixable ideas. Soon enough we will work it all out and hopefully I can have 'part iii: the afters' for you soon! I think I have my work cut out for me over the Christmas holidays :)

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  1. Love this. Nice graphics. You have been such a great blogger lately!


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