Tuesday, December 20, 2011

brooklyn beer tour

We're slowly pecking away at the beer book (like here) and decided to combine some drinking with cultural events on a recent Friday night.

Our first stop was Build it Green (where the GCC Winter Festival was held) for Brooklyn Green Drinks Holiday Party and a Crafted at the Canal Market.

Then we popped over to an exhibit opening at the Gowanus Studio Space.

Hmmmm, piles of potatoes with candles...I can't say I always "get" art.

Next up was a stop at our favorite Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook. 

Since Red Hook is a little difficult to navigate on public transportation, we were braving the cold on our bikes. In between bar stops, we rode out to Valentino Pier for the view.

It's always nice and quiet there and you get a great view of Lady Liberty. See her off in the distance?

Our next stop was Chip Shop, a British themed bar and restaurant famous for their willingness to fry just about anything. We had British beers and curry fries while taking part in a rousing discussion on congestion pricing. We are a fun bunch :)

Our eyes were bigger than our....livers....this night and even though we had more bars to hit and coupons to use, we called it a night after the Chip Shop. This stuff is hard work!


  1. This looks like so much fun! What a great night!

  2. We also couldn't get out of Gowanus without Erik seeing a friend randomly on the street who joined us for the tour.


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